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The site for the people done on request a new way to get what you want , we take your ideas and we run with them, do you have something you want to see? to listen to? we will find it and put it up for you , do you want to have your say? then send it in and we will publish alomst anything, after all freedom of speach is valued here at ADWA


 A number of debates from some of the worlds best debaters on a number of subjects updated every few weeks ,,, if there is anything you would like to see we will try and find it and put it up for you just drop us an email.


every week we will update new pictures and videos from the worlds hot spots , with documentaries and raw footage we dont take sides its up to you to decide who is a terrorist and who is a freedom fighter,,, email us and we will try to find clips to suite what people want .

global warming

women's rights


different documentaries  every two weeks on
subjects of interest its up to you to chose what goes on , so drop us a line with your ideas and we will find what you need.


 A blog on any subject that is sent into us in any language send in your article and it will be published.. we will not publish  any racist,homophobic ,sexist or incitement to violence articels .


world music so not your normal rock or pop send in your request and see it come to life as we find music to suit you